Application Development


Software Development

The goal of any software development would be cost effective solution, technology proficiency, accurate knowledge acquisition and steady operations. This is our software development methodology. For successful software development including project requirement & gathering, customer demand, we have successfully adopted various development life cycle like Traditional waterfall model to Agile Scrum methodology. Following phases are implemented: Project Initialization & Planning, Requirement Analysis, High level Architecture, Product Backlog, Sprint Planning, Development & Testing , Product demo, System Testing and lastly Product release. Each phase have its well-maintained entry & exit criteria.
  • Business requirement gathering, definition.
  • Product development objective
  • Client support environment , viewpoint
  • Knowledge Acquisition, transition

  • Assemble Transition Team ( Onsite and Offshore)
  • Knowledge Transition process
  • Define roles/responsibilities
  • Finalize Transition plan
  • Review with steering committee
  • Review inventory component
  • Top level Architecture and system design
  • Code development
  • Test planning
  • Test data for unit testing and system testing
  • Implementation, delivery