Application Maintenance


Software Maintenance

BridgeOceans have wide range of maintenance services like a cost-effective way to receive product updates and bug fixes. We use proper channel for proposed changes in the software, like analyze the change, draft the procedure, analyze the impact, and update the customer proactively on the impact. In any maintenance project, outcome of the change is very important, proper management helps customer to take better and accurate decisions before the release of new change request.
We help our customer by providing application maintenance support 24x7.Customer first is the approach we follow to support our customer whether it is a small bug/defect or a addition of new business rule in the developed software.

  • Onsite & Offshore maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Bug Tracking
  • Design & implementation of new feature
  • Improvement in product functionality

Backend Process
  • Tracking the error / bug in implementation
  • Correcting the error / bug simultaneously