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With the increasing use of technology in modern times, there is a growing requirement to provide technical support. For businesses needing technical support assets, outsourcing enables their core employees to focus more on their work in order to maintain productivity. It also enables them to utilize specialized personnel, whose technical knowledge base and experience may exceed the scope of the business, thus providing a higher level of technical support to their employees.
And so support service has got tremendous importance over the year. This is where BridgeOceans comes in picture where we provide all type of support services to our client.Our best practice includes, cross domain expertise and multiple service channels. Cost saving & flexible service agreements.
Technical Support Highlight
  • Dedicated support resources across the projects.
  • 24 hours a day x 7 days a week and 365 days a year support. We provide support on national holidays as well.
  • 3 Levels of Support: Basis the complexity and the technicality of the process, level of support is determined.
  • Quality processes for migration and maintenance processes.
  • Mature systems are developed to ensure service levels are monitored and are tracked all the times.
  • Flexibility & scalability is the key of our technical resources where they have been trained in such a way that they are ready to deploy on any new project at very short notice.

Technical Support Offering

Technical Support Level :
  • Tier - 1

This includes customer support for providing information to the users and end customers. This level does not require any specialization, technical and domain knowledge to provide support.

  • Tier - 2

At Tier 2, resources are requiring basic domain knowledge. The domain knowledge can be such as having computer hardware knowledge for providing technical support to computer users or having internet knowledge for providing assistance to users trying to shop online. The domain knowledge will vary (depend) with the process.

  • Tier - 3

Tier 3 support includes highly technical processes but does not require code change. This includes, Infrastructure Management and such tasks that require manual intervention, such as editing configuration files, modifying site components, Remote server administration and monitoring.

  • Tier - 4

The high-end technical support is driven by software engineers, which includes real-time problem solving and maintenance of projects. This also includes the enhancements that are based on customer needs. Application errors and bugs that require code change.