Data Warehousing


Data Warehousing & Transaction Management

Data Management continues to be one of the most critical issues facing any business, regardless of its size. The technology and business considerations related to data management have been increasing considerably.Most of the organizations expect that transaction processing systems will complete their tasks in a given time. If reports and queries run on the same transaction server, they will occupy server resources and increase the transaction processing time beyond acceptable limits. So the best way to avoid this situation is to implement a data warehousing solution.
With our model we assure our clients with reasonable cost savings,reduced business and operational risks, increased focus on higher value business areas & improved operational efficiency. We undertake back office process that can be performed either from offshore or from onsite.
A data warehousing solution is more suited for storing historical. It is also more suitable to use a data warehouse for data security issues, since queries for information may go through open networks as well.

  • Does your company have a large volume of data stored in different databases within your organization?
  • Are minor changes to your production system causing major impact on your reporting system?
  • Are you confident with the quality of your data?

How BridgeOceans can help you
  • Data Integration, integrate data from various sources.
  • Establishment of a predictive modelling and advanced analytics capability to enable data mining
  • Upgrade your data to sync with the latest version of market-leading software.
  • A full range of Information Management services.
  • Build up your data asset by keeping your data clean.